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The translations for Hatta are now kept at https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/hatta/

How to install

Put the hatta.mo file in locale/XX/LC_MESSAGES/hatta.mo in the directory where you start the wiki, or in /usr/share/locale/XX/LC_MESSAGES/hatta.mo, if you prefer to have it global. The XX is a two letter ISO symbol of your language. Set the language in Script settings to the same symbol.

Did you ever thought of using the lenguage variable you get from the browser ? I just don't understand why would the site administrator decide for me in which language I want to see the hatta parts of the website.


Yes, I took part in a number of experimental multilingual wikis and came to a conclusion that, although it's very cool to play with, it's not very useful. In the end I decided against it, as it poses a number of troubles (all of which can be solved, I am sure, with some work) and little benefit:

– Radomir Dopieralski